Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Mushroom

Nathan loves gymnastics.  He is always doing forward rolls, dives, handstands, you-name-it, all over our house.  We recently bought him a mat so he could at least do it with a little more safety.  But without equipment like he uses in the gym, it's hard for him to really practice his skills.  We looked into buying him a mushroom for at home use.  Wow!  Talk about expensive!  We gave up on that.  But one day while doing a little research on the computer, I came across a website where a man had built his own mushroom.  It turns out many others have also built their own to use for practice at home.  So my very handy husband went to Home Depot last night and wandered the aisles, formulating ideas in his mind on how he was going to construct one.  He purchased some supplies and I picked up the padding and fabric covering this morning and in one afternoon/evening, he and Nathan constructed a really awesome mushroom.  Nathan has been practicing on it ever since - while watching Olympics coverage of the Men's Gymnastics.  Doesn't get any better! 


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Prime said...

I wish I was so handy!

The extent of my handiness ends with stacking firewood....